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Intensifying and up-scaling of continuous processes [Indus CoP] 
The CSIR - National Chemical Laboratory had organized Indo-German Workshop on Micro-reactors and Continuous Processing (December 2009) and Workshop on Continuous & Intensified Processes for Specialty chemicals (December 2011). This theme of intensification and continuous processes has lead to a large program on developing MAGIC (modular, agile, intensified and continuous) processes and plans (see for more information). In continuation to the earlier workshops, this workshop will mainly focus on continuous and intensified reactions/processes for manufacturing fine and specialty chemicals. New and creative ways of designing processes and process plants are needed to radically enhance effectiveness and sustainability of specialty chemicals industry considering the expected double digit growth of this sector in the coming years. Most of the fine and specialty chemicals are still manufactured in stirred batch or semi-batch reactors (devised centuries ago). This workshop will focus on the use of continuous processes to realize atom efficient (creating less waste products per kg of desired product), environmentally benign and globally competitive processes and technologies. The faculty, handpicked from the academia, research laboratories, user industry and the continuous processing equipment suppliers, will bring out several case studies to illustrate the advantages of continuous processing. Various sessions are planned to convey state of the art on continuous and intensified processes with adequate information on design approaches and process selection. The audience will comprise of representatives from the members of Indus CPI (Industry consortium on process intensification), large number of practicing engineers/ process chemists and managers and chemical engineering students. For registration and other details, please see
StarDate: Fri Dec,13 2013
EndDate: Sat Dec,14 2013
Venue: Shaniswarup Bhatnagar Lecture Theater, PAML, NCL
Web Url: Visit Website
Coordinator 1: Dr Vivek Ranade
Coordinator2: Dr Amol Kulkarni
Phone(O): 02025902153
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